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Through our purpose and career discovery programs, we put young people in the drivers' seats of their future life and career decisions.

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We've worked with 8000+ young people to help them find their place in the world and careers they are passionate about✨

"It was an incredibly eye-opening experience and one that I will cherish. Thank you so much for giving me confidence in myself and my abilities. Got so much clarity and drive to make my life happen how I want it to be."

"I loved the Purposeful workshop! It was a great opportunity to connect with my peers and get to know each other a little better, and it helped me relax a bit about my future and understand that it doesn't have to be completely set in stone."

"Purposeful motivated me by letting me in on other people's passions and ambitions. It was a very positive experience and I feel more self-driven to achieve my goals and to make my dreams come true."

What We Do πŸ’‘

We run presentations, workshops and programs aligned with the following three pillars, designed to help students figure out their futures in a fun and impactful way.

How We Do It πŸ’»

Our team delivers sessions that work for YOU. All sessions have a suggested delivery format but can be delivered as one-off workshops or presentations, term-long programs or intensive bootcamps on request. We adjust our programs to work within your budget and environment.

Presentations and Workshops

Inspiring and interactive sessions perfect for assemblies or one-off engagements. 45 minute to 1 hour presentations and up to half day workshops.

Long-Term Programs

Term-long programs delivered to entire year groups, or opt-in cohorts outside of school hours. Up to 10 x 1 hour sessions per program, can be customised to your timetabling needs.

1-2 Day Bootcamps

Intensive crash-courses designed to maximise student engagement and impact, over 1 or 2 days (your choice). We bring in special guests and breakout sessions to keep the energy high!

Fireside Chats

Host a panel discussion-style session with some of our incredible young innovators and creators who've carved purpose-driven career paths for themselves, always a HUGE hit with students.

Explore Our Programs
Purpose & Self-Discovery πŸ’­ Career Accelerator πŸš€ Leadership 🌏 Entrepreneurship πŸ’‘
Explore Our Programs
Purpose & Self-Discovery πŸ’­ Career Accelerator πŸš€ Leadership 🌏 Entrepreneurship πŸ’‘
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Our COVID-19 programs and solutions are ready to go! 😷

Now is not the time to stop our careers and personal development education, it's the time to accelerate it. We've developed a range of delivery formats and solutions in a COVID safe way.

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Get a quote to deliver a Purposeful experience at your school today πŸ“

Interested to learn more about our programs and what could work best in your school environment? Reach out via the form today to book an initial discovery session with the Purposeful team.

Frequently Asked Questions πŸ’­

Every school environment is different, as is your budget and timetabling requirements. We will provide a quote on request for all of our offerings. This is because our costs are impacted primarily by how many facilitators are required to present, whether it is an off-the-shelf or a custom presentation, the session length and preparation time required. We will typically provide you with a menu of different options for different budgets so you can choose which one best suits you.

Yes of course! Our students need purpose and career direction now more than ever. For more information on our COVID delivery options and policies, head to

We've worked with groups as small as 12, through to 500 students at one time. There is no group to big or too small!

We are run by a team of passionate youth-led facilitators and presenters. All our presentations and programs are infused with the stories of our unique and purposeful team members, which make each Purposeful experience unique and authentic. Our team are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have Working With Children's Checks. Police Checks are also available on request.

We've worked with more than 7500 students, primarily in Western Australia since our inception in 2018. We've worked with schools across the state, public and private school alike. In 2022 we hope to expand our reach interstate and increase our presence in regional areas. For more insights into the programs we've run at schools before, head to

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