Our Values 🧭

On the journey to finding yourself and the right path for you, your values are your compass. At Purposeful our values are the glue that hold us together, the ideas that guide every action and decision that we make.


Not going with the status quo, instead being intentional about everything we do. Being purposeful means putting impact first.


We don't filter things, we are transparent and create spaces where people can show up as their truest selves, and feel safe doing so.


Figuring out your future doesn't have to be stressful, it can be fun! Every touchpoint with us is memorable, meaningful and magical.


We are a youth-for-youth organisation, and ensure young people and their needs are reflected in all that we do.


Being purposeful takes a lot of courage, to push back against the norm and fight for what you believe in. How far are you willing to go alone?


We're here to create impact that lasts beyond our lifetimes, building a generational company that does more good than harm.

We're a youth-led team on a mission πŸ’ͺ

Get to know the incredible young people behind Purposeful and their inspiring stories.

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Interested in supporting us to bring our big vision to life? πŸ™

We're always on the look out for partners who align with our values and are invested in our vision. We'd love to speak further to create aligned partnership or funding opportunities.

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