Purposeful's Innovation Network

We bring amazing entrepreneurs, changemakers and influencers to your students through intimate roundtable mentoring and networking opportunities.

Connect your students to jobs of the future πŸ€–

From our years of experience in Australia's start-up ecosystem and youth sector, we've develop an extensive network of incredible young professionals who are doing things differently. From young entrepreneurs, advocates, technologists, social innovators and career influencers, we've got hundreds of young mentors to inspire your students to pursue innovating and future-ready pathways for life after school.

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We've got 500+ Australian entrepreneurs, advocates and career influencers in our network, from space-tech to TikTokers, mental health advocates and coders 😲

The Exploration Expo πŸš€

The Exploration Expo is Purposeful's innovative twist on traditional Careers Expos. We invite up to 30 guests from our Innovation Network to join a speed-dating style event with 200-250 students at a time, for a 1-2 hour session. Unlike regular Careers Expos, students actually have to engage with the mentors we invite - and trust us, they'll want to! This event is always the highlight of our programs. Our mentors are young (either in age or at heart) and come from a diverse range of backgrounds and career pathways. Students are guaranteed to find mentors they are inspired by and relate to. We coordinate the entire event, all you have to do is let us know how many guests you are looking for, and any preferences for industries or careers you'd like to have represented. We'll take care of the rest!

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Fireside Chats πŸ”₯

We invite 3-4 guests from our network to join (up to) 1 hour intimate panel discussions for your students. Moderated by Purposeful team members, our Fireside Chats are an awesome complement to any Purposeful event or program, and give students real-life examples of young people doing amazing things.

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Pricing and Quotes πŸ’°

Exploration Expo 🌌
Bring up to 30 guests to young people in your community.
$125 / guest
  • Up to 30 guests
  • 1-2 hour session facilitated by Purposeful team members
  • Choose themes or industries to focus on
  • 200-250 young people can participate
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Fireside Chat πŸ”₯
Perfect for a one-off event to inspire and motivate an audience.
$750 / session
  • 3 guests included
  • 1 hour panel discussion facilitated by Purposeful team member
  • Choose a topic or theme and request specific guests
  • Unlimited attendees
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Mentoring 🀝
Ongoing mentorship opportunities to help young people.
$250 / session
  • 1 guest entrepreneur or innovator per session
  • Up to 30 participants
  • Facilitated by Purposeful team member
  • Up to 1.5 hour session
  • Custom options available please enquire
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Young people of all ages LOVE meeting our innovative guests! πŸ’œ

Book our Innovation Network to prepare your students for the future of work today!

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