Students need purpose and career direction now more than ever 🧭

It's not time to put self and career discovery on hold, it's time to accelerate it. All students deserve a chance to reimagine what's possible for their futures, beyond the pandemic and global instability.

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Our awesome features

How we're adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic 😷

We understand the phenomenal challenges educators are facing as we adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. Here's how we're adapting to meet your needs.

Our team are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19

All programs and presentations can be transitioned to remote or hybrid delivery formats to ensure student and faciliator safety

You have flexibility to change your delivery format in case of a COVID event impacting your planned session

We will issue credits to reschedule any affected bookings as needed

Our COVID safe delivery options

We have a range of agile and flexible delivery models to suit any change of plans or impact made by COVID-19 restrictions.

Our awesome features
100% Virtual

Deliver a session fully remotely via MS Teams, Zoom or Webex. This set-up is best for when a whole year group is isolating at home, every student has access to a device and you want the most interactive experience. In this instance, all activities will be facilitated online and each student will be joining the videocall from their own device. Purposeful will host the session (via or MS Teams or Zoom account). This is our preferred option where possible as it enables each student to interact more directly with the Purposeful team and more easily access our mentorship and support.

Our awesome features
Hybrid: in-person and online

When facilitators aren't allowed on campus, a hybrid session is the way to go. This format is best for quick and unforeseen changes requiring a different delivery format. The Purposeful facilitator will be remote, whilst the class(es) will be in-person. Each classroom teacher will join a MS Teams or Zoom call with the Purposeful facilitator, who will present the session live. The classroom teacher will need to physically facilitate the activity, however questions can be asked at any time via chat. Teachers will receive access to the runsheet for the session beforehand so they can familiarise themselves with the activities.

Our awesome features
Pre-recorded & self-paced

In this format, teachers will gain access to a recording of the presentation or workshop. We are working hard to transition all our workshops into pre-recorded sessions to make them available to you. Teachers will receive a link to access to the video, and any notes for the facilitation of the session. Our pre-recordings still include some activities or discussion opportunities, at which point teachers will be instructed to pause the video to give students time to complete this. This is ideal for when teachers don't have access to strong tech support and for replacing large group (assembly) presentations. The recording will be made available for 24 hours before and after the intended session time.

Feedback from Teachers πŸ“š

Hear from some of the teachers who are embracing our pre-recorded presentations to inspire their students during lockdowns and restrictions to whole year group meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Can I get a refund if my booking is affected by a COVID event?

No, but you can postpone or change the delivery format of the session. Please understand that much of the cost is incurred to us before the session begins, so we cannot afford to refund in every (inevitable) COVID event.

Which delivery format is best for my needs?

When in doubt, give us a call! We will be happy to chat through options for your students. We are innovative and flexible so will help to find the most impactful way to deliver a session.

How much time do you need to change the delivery format?

If an unforeseen COVID event happens within 48 hours of the session, an in-person session can be adapted to a hybrid or pre-recorded session. We need 5 business days to transition a planned in-person session to a 100% virtual session. This is because a 100% virtual session requires significant adjustment to activities if they have been planned for an in-person environment.

Do I have to pay extra money to change the delivery format?

Additional fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, this is largely determined by whether additional staffing or preparation time is needed to make adjustments.

Get a quote to deliver a COVID safe experience at your school today πŸ“

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